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Electronics parts sale business division

Assorted components supply

1.The agent procurement, can reduce a lot burden on business
2.In centralized purchasing way, can reduce cost and save the logistics fee
3.Can reduce inventory amount, briefly Inventory management
4.Can reduce the burden of funding by VMI service
5.Can according to customer's various requirements, proposed all sorts of business flow and logistics way

  • At home and abroad of semiconductor

  • LED

  • ストレージデバイス

  • General electronics parts

Spot supply of storage components

1.Based on a global more than 2000 suppliers of large joint procurement channels, search the global factory and channel inventory within 24 hours
2.High quality and reliable supply of products guarantee
3.Preferred partner in shortage components spot supply
4.To the world famous spot suppliers
5.Spot supply guarantee for Suzhou factory

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