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Characteristics of different component inserter

1.Can insert for all packing special-shaped components (bulk material/braid material/ tube loading material /pallet loading material)
2.Feeder to achieve modular interchange, change line with high efficiency

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  • Object pic

The classification of different component inserter

Different component inserter can be divided into two parts, general and customization. The two different parts, fully consider the differentiation of different needs of customers

The main equipment specification parameters of different component inserter

Host size(L*W*H) 700mm X 2000mm X 1800mm Working voltage AC220V、50-60Hz
Number of Tracks Three sections of track, independent drive The total power < 6 KW
Track drive mode Stepper motor Air pressure requirements >0.5Mpa
Track modulation way Artificial, stepping motor automatic adjustment (option) The total weight of equipment 1500Kg
Maximum transmission speed 0-25m/min adjustable PCB positioning mode Camera Positioning
Track height from the ground 900±20mm(adjustable) Edge of PCB board >3mm
Inserter repeat positioning accuracy ±0.02mm PCB transfer direction L→R or R→L
Supply material mode braid /bulk / tube-type /tray-type and others(customization) Abnormal detection standard configuration (CD detection)
Inserter reclaimer mode Pneumatic clamping jaw,Sucker(According to the device to determine) Inserter drive type X/Y/Z/R
The quantity of clamping jaw 4/6pcs Independent movement(According to the product selection) PCB transport form On line
The angle of inserter Arbitrary Inserter speed Theoretically 1.0sec/point

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