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Writer:CEO:Mr JIKU

KAGA group is Japan's largest electronics integrated trade company, .Its EMS manufacturing business division to enter the Chinese electronic manufacturing industry market in 1993, one of the earliest to enter the EMS Chinese market of Japanese manufacturing factories, nine global sole proprietorship factories, 4 of which are based in China, located in east China and south China

KAGA Shanghai group has been adhering to the concept of establishing non-standard plant, tailored for the customer design and manufacturing processes, with a unique intelligent manufacturing and supply chain integration, continuously for customers to provide additional value beyond simple processing. For more than 20 years win the industrial control, automotive, medical, communications, office equipment and other high-end industry highly trust by customers in the Chinese market, it is Toyota, mitsubishi, Fuji electric, NEC, konica minolta and other famous Japanese enterprises designated production base

KAGA Shanghai group based on the analysis of the current market, it found that in view of the design type enterprises, entrepreneurial enterprises face manufacturing difficulties mainly has below four aspects
1)Large electronics manufacturing enterprise can not establish profit model to accept the early product development need the sample production
2)Larger electronics manufacturing couldn't meet the design flexible regulation of small batch short delivery production requirements
3)Small workshop sample production making enterprises lack the true experience of manufacturing industry and the basic common sense of manufacturing ,the price of the process is the only measure of manufacturing that good design product manufacturing won't support you finally
4)Design enterprise can't get enough experience in manufacturing, quality control and supply chain management in early, which makes the product suffer great cost waste, manufacturing process is not mature and unavoidable quality complaints .and even cause the project failed.

For the market demand, KAGA shanghai group through years of exploration , specially offer the samples production services for the design development enterprise. Its core is:
1)samples production purposes is not profit ,but to increase the user experience and provide manufacturing solutions to design enterprise .so the samples production is as a means of market investment and promotion for the company.
2)Professional team, special equipment, 48 hours commitment of sample production delivery , the detailed design improvement report and so on, all efforts for the design and development company and start-up company to provide the most vale added manufacturing services.
3)To establish long-term cooperative partnership to good start-up company, for hatching excellent product manufacturing and supply chain services of soild walls.

For the traditional EMS manufacturing, how to understand the concept of the internet+? The main is set aside the traditional thinking of " customer maintenance " ,establish a "user experience "concept of the internet, make more users to experience the unique manufacturing service value and to cultivate customer, and grow together, this is the basic of the "Internet+" for our industry. This is the KAGA Shanghai group will extremely use up our strengths and resources to focus on the fundamental starting point of the sample production

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